Winter Hacks

1. Check the weather constantly on your phone. Never look out a window.

Feels like I can't feel my toes.
Feels like I can’t feel my toes.

2. Wear at least two layers before venturing outside. Fifteen layers is the safest bet, though.

"I can't put my arms down!"
“I can’t put my arms down!”

3. Avoid going out at night when temperatures drop.

4. Avoid going out during the day when there is no sunlight. Everything is so dull and gray.

5. Avoid going outside altogether. Use the most possible blankets. 

6. Have your heat turned to 75° all the time. Buy a space heater and prop it on your bed by your feet if it’s still too cold.

7. Get a large, furry pet as your best friend. They will always cuddle for warmth. Bears or huskies are especially warm.

8. Drink heavily. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or whiskey, for example.

9. Throw a dance party. Invite yourself. Dance until you forget it’s cold outside.

10. Book your tropical vacation for tomorrow.

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