A Valentine’s Reading List to Satisfy Cynics and Romantics

Originally posted on Around the World in 80 Books:
So, Valentine’s Day is this Saturday. Source: https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/tenderheart-bear We at 80 Books Blog understand that not everyone is looking forward to this particular holiday. We have mixed feelings ourselves. Wasn’t St. Valentine stoned to death as a heretic? Isn’t this just an excuse for Hallmark, florists, and Hershey…

Winter Hacks

1. Check the weather constantly on your phone. Never look out a window. 2. Wear at least two layers before venturing outside. Fifteen layers is the safest bet, though. 3. Avoid going out at night when temperatures drop. 4. Avoid going out during the day when there is no sunlight. Everything is so dull and gray. 5. … More Winter Hacks