Modern Girl’s Guide To Life: Hosting a Dinner Party

Catch up: Chapter 1. I’m still struggling with the idea that this book is only for women. How frustrating to me that a woman will be “throwing together a dinner party” and her husband/boyfriend/significant other is just lounging on the couch! I would definitely try to split the set-up/prep. Throwing a dinner party takes a lot of … More Modern Girl’s Guide To Life: Hosting a Dinner Party

Cream Cheese Wontons

  When the craving strikes, it’s time to act! Ingredients for this are pretty simple, as are my tastes. I didn’t bother to make a dipping sauce, but there are plenty of websites who can provide instructions for that as well. I followed this recipe I found on Pinterest. Ingredients:  Wonton wraps, found in most … More Cream Cheese Wontons

Blog Updates!

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to my blog! New URL! I am retiring the URL in place of It’s more streamlined and professional. I’ve actually been holding on to the URL for a while and I was planning on starting a separate website. It was only … More Blog Updates!


The thing I discovered about making these homemade Pop Tarts (and from making “homemade” food in general) is that I shouldn’t expect the food to taste like what I would get out of the package. The main ingredient for these pop tarts is pie crust–what I made was pie crust with jelly. So when anyone asked … More HOMEMADE POPTARTS