REVIEW: Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

Trigger Warning came out today and I got to read an advanced copy!!!

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Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

I never considered myself a short story reader in the past, but I’ve been warming up to the idea in this new year. I started on the George R.R. Martin edited anthology, Songs of Love and Death, which features a short story by Neil Gaiman called “The Thing About Cassandra.” In the story, a man makes up a girlfriend in high school, but she returns when he’s an adult. But the weird thing is that she’s the one who made him up and she’s been real the whole time. The perspective is fantastic. When I realized that the story was in his new short story collection, Trigger Warning, I knew I would not be disappointed. 

Neil Gaiman is definitely one of my favorite fantasy writers. I count Neverwhere, American Gods, and Ocean at the End of the Lane to be among my favorite books. He…

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