Fantastic Friday: Women of Letters

The Women of the Evening:
The (Blurry) Women of the Evening (L to R): Stoya, Maria Popova, Sofjia Stefanovic (Host), Kambri Crews, Sabrina Jalees, Deborah Copaken, and Molly Ringwald!

Surprise, surprise! I actually had plans on a Friday! I did not stay in with a bottle of wine and Netflix, but I was able to socialize and hang out with a friend. We went to Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater where we attended the Comedy/Comiserating show, Women of Letters. It’s a very unique event where a group of women are invited to write a letter on a topic and read it out loud at the venue. The theme for this event (which happens once a month), was “To the Thing that Vanished.” It was really great because all of the women came from different backgrounds and writing styles, and different styles of public speaking (ranging from comedy to breaking down in tears). It was really powerful.

The Lineup:

  • Beloved comedian, actor, host and writer SABRINA JALEES wrote her letter to her former straight self. I especially enjoyed the story about coming out to her Muslim family. She is hilarious!!
  • Award-winning pornographic actress, writer, director and model STOYA wrote her letter to the empty glass which led to a one night stand. Got a great sense of her detailed oriented writing, and she’s hilarious, plus she was high on dayquil.
  • Prolific writer, blogger and critic of MARIA POPOVA wrote a smart letter about boredom vanishing and being replaced with our “glowing rectangles.” Smart observations.
  • Iconic actress, singer, dancer and author MOLLY RINGWALD wrote about her beauty mark that appeared and vanished in a short time and how our beauty is constantly evolving–prolific!
  • Esteemed photojournalist and New York Times bestselling author DEBORAH COPAKEN wrote her letter to her uterus, as if it was a bad break up. Funny, sad, heartwarming, she was amazing.
  • Acclaimed comedic storyteller and author KAMBRI CREWS wrote her letter about her jailed, deaf father, at first framing him as a strong and funny man, but quickly turning serious when she retold the night he went to jail. She almost broke down in tears. I almost broke down in tears, too.
  • Hosted by SOFJIA STEFANOVIC, who led the discussion at the end about letters, which somehow turned into a conversation about stalkers. She as a good host.

I was not sure what I was expecting. All I knew going in was that Molly Ringwald was going to be there! I did not expect to be so moved and inspired by these women. I’m so glad I was able to attend. The events are not recorded or saved anywhere, making it a truly unique experience. Since this is a monthly event, I definitely want to return to Joe’s Pub. The event also supports a local New York City women’s charity. The tickets were $20, plus a 2 drink minimum or $12 food minimum. Definitely worth it! Who’s in next time?

Women of Letters is the perfect alchemy of literary art-party and storytelling, with drinking and bonding for all genders of truth-seekers. Marieke and Michaela deserve a medal for creating this happening while we’re on earth.” –Amanda Palmer

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