Why the Mid-Term Elections are So Important This Year

Why the Mid-Term Elections are So Important This Year (1)

Election day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Prior to the 2016 election, I’d only voted in the two presidential elections in 2008 and 2012 and that was the easiest voting experience I’ve ever had. What a freaking blessing.

And then 2016 happened. UGHHHHHHHHH

Fast forward to now, the president is a disgrace to America, his cabinet is in constant free fall, and his administrative policies are horrific (basically designed to reverse everything Obama accomplished). In addition to this, both houses in congress are controlled by Republicans. The only pieces of legislation they have managed to achieve is attempting to repeal the Affordable Care Act and avoiding government shutdowns. This, despite the fact that they have a majority and a “Republican” president who is willing to sign a bill into law.

A bit of backstory, Obama fought so hard to pass the Affordable Care Act in 2010 (also known as ObamaCare). It was done! Hooray! In 2014, Republicans began their majority in both the Senate and the House and pretty much immediately they wanted to repeal ObamaCare. In February 2016, Obama needed to nominate someone for a Supreme Court position. So despite having quite a few months left in his tenure of presidency, Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, aka the ultimate drag, very much prevented the senate committee hearing to appoint Merrick Garland.

Here we are. No accountability is happening between the senate and president (CHECKS AND BALANCES!!!), and all of the republicans in congress don’t care about basic human life. It’s just so frustrating.

So, as this title implies, the midterm election this year is VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT. Those we elect to office should have points on their platform that address impeachment, health care, GUN CONTROL, and the human rights violations at the border, among various other fuck ups that the legislative branch and executive branch have failed to acknowledge and correct. The current Republicans in congress are useless, and really, some Democrats are also too moderate to be considered democrat. We need people in congress who have enough of a moral center to make good decisions and pass thoughtful and considered legislation. Something that will make a difference in someone’s life, rather than taking away from it.


Reasons to vote:

  1. Your vote is important.
  2. A democracy is run by the people (hey, that’s us!).
  3. Change comes from using your voice.
  4. Republicans in congress are not doing anything and they need to be voted out.
  5. It’s imperative that impeachment be on the table in the next year.
  6. Donald Trump is a terrible president and our congress needs to act accordingly.
  7. What congress does matters to individuals and can impact lives and families (see ObamaCare).
  8. You are registered to vote.

I’ll write more on resources you can use to make decisions on who to vote for in an upcoming post, but it’s imperative that you use your power and privilege to vote. If I haven’t convinced you to vote, here are some other articles you can check out.

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Don’t forget to Vote on November 6!



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