Blog Year in Review 2018

Blog Year in Review 2018
My assistant reviews my stats…

Posting this on January 1 because I still wanted to do a recap but the holidays were a priority!

This year on the blog was pretty major. Especially these last few months, where I really kicked up my content. I created an editorial calendar so certain themes or topics would be posted on those corresponding days. It helped me think of posts but also get out a lot at once! I hope I can keep up next year!

Here are some of my favorite posts this year:






And I brought back an old theme on Saturday’s, where I’d do a recap of the week and things that interested me in the news or pop culture, HeyLookAtThis! I really enjoyed doing these posts because it gives me a chance to share what I’m seeing on the internet

It’s been a big year for my blog and I want to thank everyone who read or followed my blog. It means more than you know!

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