NaNoWriMo 2018 – Update #2

NaNoWriMo 2018 - Update #2

Found this article on LitHub that praises the subway writing life, of which I have become fond of during these past few days. I’ve also tried little sprints during my lunch break and this has also been helpful to increase my word count. I’m realizing that I don’t like to write for long stretches of time, so that’s not great for NaNo, but overall good for just writing in general.

This week’s progress on the novel: introduced a couple of new characters (boys) and definitely setting up a love triangle, because why not? Also, focused more on descriptions of the world because I completely skipped in the beginning. I was just focused on getting the story started and making sure I was interested enough to keep going. Now I feel a tiny bit more confident to take a pause from the story and provide more details (aka more words).

A line from the work: “No going back to her idyllic little life from before her father died, before she had to know the truth.”

Daily progress:

November 3 – 915

November 4 – 0

November 5 – 753

November 6 – 348

November 7 – 920

November 8 – 253

November 9 – 818

Total: 6,009/50,000 (12%)

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