We Did Not Lose Limbs While Axe Throwing

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In June we celebrated Josh’s 30th birthday with a group ax throwing session at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn. I booked the group through the website and wanted to talk more about my experience and how it all came to be!

The cost per person for the 1-hour session is $35 plus taxes. I booked the maximum allowed for one “lane” which is 12 people. Any more than this and you would be booking two lanes and would have to email the special events person.

We are required to wear closed toe shoes and sign a waiver upon arrival. I did notice a basket of black crocs by the front desk, but I definitely would avoid those at all costs! The reception desk was very quick and on top of things. They said they would know who was in our party and keep track of us without me having to consistently go back and forth with everyone. I was very impressed by this though it seems like a simple thing. You wouldn’t get this level of service at a place like a bowling alley.

Josh with the Kick Axe Mascot outside of the venue.

We arrived early so that everyone could sign the waivers and grab a drink at the bar. Once our group was called by one of those restaurant buzzers, we were assigned an instructor that worked with us for the entire session. Our instructor was very informative and patient with all of us. She lead us through the first throwing technique, which is just double-handed throwing. She even gave us pointers for next time. Mine was “use more power” because I wasn’t throwing hard enough.

The instructor also led us through two rounds of games. We ended up splitting the group into two teams to compete against one another. There were clearly some people who are better at hitting targets than others! I did notice that they wet the wooden targets so it’s easier for the axe to stick. We also practiced one handed throwing with a hatchet, which was personally, much easier for me.

We brought outside food (cupcakes) and Kick Axe didn’t have a problem with it. The instructor was also accommodating and helped us take pictures at the end.

Sadly, only 11 of my 12 booked people were able to go. Kick Axe does have a refund policy if you know within 24 hours in advance that a person will not be going, but in our case I wasn’t sure, so instead they credited the $35 to my account for future use, which does not expire. I definitely would go back again. I had a good experience with the customer support staff as well as the instructor (it is OK to tip them!). Kick Axe specifically has two other locations in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. I noticed that Brooklyn and Queens also have other axe throwing competitors, but ultimately this location worked best for us.

This was definitely one of those experiences that is not that popular, yet, but will be one of those things you see all over Instagram very soon. It was a ton of fun and I would recommend it for a group party or activity.

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