6 Sci-fi/Fantasy Short Fiction Authors to Watch

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Around the World in 80 Books

By Heather A.


As of late, I’ve been more and more interested in reading short fiction, specifically novellas and short stories. They work well for me in terms of time commitment, maybe I’ll read one before bed or during my commute. I wanted to share a few of my new favorites and expected favorites. Recently, Tor.com Publishing launched and will be releasing 10 new novellas in the Fall of 2015. I’m including two in this post, but be sure to check out the others. I’ve recently begun reading the short fiction Tor.com posts on their website (for free!) and I have enjoyed it immensely. My other favorite sources for short stories are Book Smugglers and Uncanny Magazine. As an added bonus, all of the stories featured here are diverse in some way.

Short stories are good “snack sized” escapes from reality. 

The Merger - Sunil PatelThe Merger by Sunil Patel (Book Smugglers Publishing) 

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