Blog Birthday! | 7th Anniversary ūüéČ

This blog is having an identity crisis! Like most of us, 2020, and even into 2021, I’ve been struggling with my mental health. It’s a combination of being cooped up in an apartment that no longer suits our needs, it’s the stress that having an unemployed partner brings, it’s gaining weight and trying not to … More Blog Birthday! | 7th Anniversary ūüéČ

Happy First Birthday!

My blog is one-year-old today! I actually committed to something! This has never happened before with¬†any hobby I have attempted (scrap-booking, blogging in the high school, electric guitar…). It’s weird and exhilarating. Having this blog takes my mind off work and gives me a platform to express myself. When I first started this blog I … More Happy First Birthday!

Small Spaces

In my new shoes, I tower over men and women alike. The three inch, chunky gray rubber heels on the underside of soft soles and¬†black swede construction are comfortable and make me feel like a 5′ 10″¬†pale¬†Amazonian goddess. I can see down the entire tunnel¬†between the 6th Ave L Station and the 7th Ave 123. … More Small Spaces