Spending Habits: January 2019

Thought I would try something new with a monthly spending recap! Just a way to analyze my spending and see where I can improve. Even though I don’t really like to rely upon MINT to keep track of my day to day spending, I do like the feature with the spending breakdown by category so … More Spending Habits: January 2019

Money Resolutions

Inspired by this post from The Financial Diet! Last week I wrote about my New Years Resolutions, and on a personal level, I’m trying to take more time to be present, but I have been on a financial journey since last year. In 2018, I stopped using my credit card. I’ll have a more complete … More Money Resolutions

My Favorite Financial Websites and Books Geared Toward Women

As you may be aware, I’ve been on somewhat of a financial “journey” this past year, but I have been interested in getting my financial act together for a few years. I found that these resources really helped me prioritize my goals and understand how my own thinking and habits have led me into bad … More My Favorite Financial Websites and Books Geared Toward Women