Mini Lasagna!

Hello, Hello! It has certainly been a while since I posted something food related. Let me tell you, this is amazing! Hat tip to this Buzzfeed article and Tracy’s Culinary Adventures for the inspiration! My favorite part about this recipe is that it’s so portable. I made some for dinner and I saved the rest … More Mini Lasagna!

Strawberry Pancakes!

I hope you, my darling reader, have been doing well these past couple weeks I have been absent. A couple blog updates, I bought my domain,, so it’s easier to type in than the WordPress URL. Also, in an effort to be more professional, I purchased a separate URL,, which is not up … More Strawberry Pancakes!

Spring Eating

My friends influence me to eat healthier. I totally ignored their healthy eating influence¬†this past winter, in an excuse I like to call “Polar Vortex Syndrome,” but what is important here is that since it is FINALLY starting to warm up, I have been paying more attention to what I am eating. Come to find … More Spring Eating