Belated Blog Birthday | Four Year Blog Anniversary!

Celebrating four years on February 10! These past couple years have seen a lot of change on my little blog. At the end of 2016 I tried to write my frustrations about the political climate, but I felt inadequate in the face of ignorance. The election made me realize how much I care about politics, … More Belated Blog Birthday | Four Year Blog Anniversary!


Many thanks to Natascha, My So-Called YA Life, for nominating me! Also, check out the post we did on Around the World in 80 Books! 1. What was the first and last book you read? First book? Dr. Suess maybe, last book was The Color Purple. 2. Why do you read the books you read? I … More LIEBSTER AWARD!

Happy First Birthday!

My blog is one-year-old today! I actually committed to something! This has never happened before with any hobby I have attempted (scrap-booking, blogging in the high school, electric guitar…). It’s weird and exhilarating. Having this blog takes my mind off work and gives me a platform to express myself. When I first started this blog I … More Happy First Birthday!