Blog Updates!

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to my blog! New URL! I am retiring the URL in place of It’s more streamlined and professional. I’ve actually been holding on to the URL for a while and I was planning on starting a separate website. It was only … More Blog Updates!

Rich Bitch Step 2: It’s A Marathon And a Sprint

Catch up here: Part 1.   This chapter focuses on writing out tangible goals that are in manageable increments throughout the finance, fun, and family parts of life. Having some goals to focus on makes those goals more likely to be achieved. Lapin means literally writing things down, it makes the goal much more real. … More Rich Bitch Step 2: It’s A Marathon And a Sprint

We Need Diverse Books 2015 Pledge

January 2015 I’m a supporter of We Need Diverse Books, a campaign that gained traction in 2014 by highlighting publisher’s failings in publishing and supporting diversity in books and the workplace. It has not gone unnoticed that this is one of the main changes that I foresee happening in the publishing industry. Embracing diversity, reading broadly, these … More We Need Diverse Books 2015 Pledge