Blog Updates!

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to my blog! New URL! I am retiring the URL in place of It’s more streamlined and professional. I’ve actually been holding on to the URL for a while and I was planning on starting a separate website. It was only … More Blog Updates!


The thing I discovered about making these homemade Pop Tarts (and from making “homemade” food in general) is that I shouldn’t expect the food to taste like what I would get out of the package. The main ingredient for these pop tarts is pie crust–what I made was pie crust with jelly. So when anyone asked … More HOMEMADE POPTARTS

Mocha at Home!

I’ve been drinking coffee since I moved to New York. But the only way I can consume it is with vast amounts of sugar and milk. I hate the smell of it! I’ve heard coffee hipsters say they get high off the aroma, but it’s too strong for me. My solution, which I’ve come to … More Mocha at Home!

Nutella Pancakes!

Happy Sunday! This post is inspired by this Buzzfeed video! I used pancake batter from the Jiffy Biscuit mix The Ingredients: 1 package of Jiffy Buttermilk Biscut Mix 1 egg 3/4 cup of milk or water (I used 1% milk) 2 tbsp. oil Butter or PAM to grease the pan Jar of Nutella Toppings (I … More Nutella Pancakes!

Sticky Popcorn!

Hello again! I haven’t done a food post in a while and I wanted to do a trip down memory lane! My mom would make sticky popcorn for the family on special occasions (I distinctly remember New Year’s Eve) and I have been craving it since we made some last Christmas. The basic concept is … More Sticky Popcorn!

Taco Crawl 2k15!

My friend, Tqwana Explains, is having a birthday this month and she wanted to do a Taco Crawl because she’s awesome and clever. I did not know what to expect except lots of food in my mouth! Happy Birthday! The Taco Crawl Crew: Tqwana Expains, Becoming Woman, TakingLibertys The day was blustery, sunny, quintessential spring day. … More Taco Crawl 2k15!