The thing I discovered about making these homemade Pop Tarts (and from making “homemade” food in general) is that I shouldn’t expect the food to taste like what I would get out of the package. The main ingredient for these pop tarts is pie crust–what I made was pie crust with jelly. So when anyone asked … More HOMEMADE POPTARTS

Mocha at Home!

I’ve been drinking coffee since I moved to New York. But the only way I can consume it is with vast amounts of sugar and milk. I hate the smell of it! I’ve heard coffee hipsters say they get high off the aroma, but it’s too strong for me. My solution, which I’ve come to … More Mocha at Home!

Nutella Pancakes!

Happy Sunday! This post is inspired by this Buzzfeed video! I used pancake batter from the Jiffy Biscuit mix The Ingredients: 1 package of Jiffy Buttermilk Biscut Mix 1 egg 3/4 cup of milk or water (I used 1% milk) 2 tbsp. oil Butter or PAM to grease the pan Jar of Nutella Toppings (I … More Nutella Pancakes!

Sticky Popcorn!

Hello again! I haven’t done a food post in a while and I wanted to do a trip down memory lane! My mom would make sticky popcorn for the family on special occasions (I distinctly remember New Year’s Eve) and I have been craving it since we made some last Christmas. The basic concept is … More Sticky Popcorn!

Taco Crawl 2k15!

My friend, Tqwana Explains, is having a birthday this month and she wanted to do a Taco Crawl because she’s awesome and clever. I did not know what to expect except lots of food in my mouth! Happy Birthday! The Taco Crawl Crew: Tqwana Expains, Becoming Woman, TakingLibertys The day was blustery, sunny, quintessential spring day. … More Taco Crawl 2k15!

Mini Lasagna!

Hello, Hello! It has certainly been a while since I posted something food related. Let me tell you, this is amazing! Hat tip to this Buzzfeed article and Tracy’s Culinary Adventures for the inspiration! My favorite part about this recipe is that it’s so portable. I made some for dinner and I saved the rest … More Mini Lasagna!