Surveys on the Go Review

Make some quick cash by taking surveys.

About 10 years ago, I was a struggling college student. I worked part-time in retail and before I knew what budgeting was, always felt that my paycheck was barely enough. I would take surveys online with my laptop for $0.01 to $0.50 and they would always take around 15 minutes or longer. And the platform I was using to find surveys wouldn’t let you cash out until you reached a really high threshold like $20 or so. Plus, it was paid out in the form of a gift card. It wasn’t sustainable.

When I found out about Surveys on the Go from Nika at @debtfreegonnabe (follow her!), I was intrigued. The app sends you a notification when a survey becomes available. Sometimes you can qualify to test out products where the company will mail you an item and then send you a follow up survey for upwards of $10 or $20! So far I haven’t qualified for these types of surveys, but I am always intrigued by them! Even without the product testing surveys, there are a lot of variety and usually for $1 to $2.50 range. I’ve taken surveys on my own habits, radio stations, films, alcohol brands, cell phones, whatever.

Since downloading the app on November 1, 2020, I cashed out $33.30 in December, and $11.20 in February. It’s not rent money, but it does offset the costs of some of my regular bills. I would say a bulk of the earlier surveys was “get to know you” type of data that was very easy to complete. There was a lull around Christmas and New Years, but now that most major holidays are over I’m starting to see daily notifications for surveys. It is very easy to reach the $10 minimum threshold for cashing out, and the money was sent directly to my PayPal account. You can also choose to have your money sent as an Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, or Starbucks gift card.

The best feature for me is that if you don’t qualify for the survey, the app will still credit your account $0.10, so you will still get something for your time. I find this to be an easy way to pass my time because I’m usually on my phone anyway scrolling through social media.

There was an instance where the formatting of the survey within the app didn’t allow me to move to the next page to complete the survey. I reached out to the support team and let them know I wasn’t able to move forward because of the error. They credited my account for the partial amount I was due ($2). But they responded quickly and provided a resolution that was satisfying to me as a user.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who wants a few extra bucks each month. It’s super easy and the surveys are anonymous. The app itself is just a vessel to notify you of surveys and to pay the fees, so the creator of the survey varies. I mention this because some surveys make you self identify with only two genders (male/female) and it feels like an archaic means of quantifying demographic data.

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