Blog Birthday! | 7th Anniversary ðŸŽ‰

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This blog is having an identity crisis!

Like most of us, 2020, and even into 2021, I’ve been struggling with my mental health. It’s a combination of being cooped up in an apartment that no longer suits our needs, it’s the stress that having an unemployed partner brings, it’s gaining weight and trying not to beat yourself up about it, it’s not seeing family and friends except for zoom calls, it’s everything that’s changed.

And I’ve not kept up any sort of posting schedule or blog related content that seems relevant (let’s be real, there’s never been a consistent posting schedule lol). After seven years I still haven’t found my niche. When I first started the blog it was about my time in New York, which is still technically true, it was about new recipes I was trying, and it was about writing about books. Now I have been focusing more on personal finance and writing about clothing/lifestyle things. Still there’s no brand that I’ve really solidified.

I still enjoy writing my ideas into fleshed-out posts. I like that my blog posts evolve to express how I’m feeling instead of being trapped behind some voice that can’t talk about politics or criticizing the FIRE movement. For instance, this year I’ve started adding a section to most of my blog posts that specifically highlights the topic and organizations in BIPOC communities through things to read/watch/listen to, donations, or more reading/resources. This is something I want to continue as I think it will bring more substance to the post besides the ramblings of a random white lady. Plus, if you have read or heard any anti-racism books, you’ll know why it’s important to highlight voices who are not your own.

The past year, I removed my business account from my WordPress so that I wouldn’t have to pay $96 annually, and because the cost did not pay for itself through ad revenue. This change was also made for pandemic reasons in trying to save money where I could reasonably do so. However, you’ll notice that I’ve added a Ko-fi button to my posts and homepage so if I earn a coffee from someone reading my posts, I’ll feel proud about it.

Also, though I’m not making any income from the blog, I’ve been more intentional with my affiliate links here now. I no longer am an Amazon affiliate, and I’ve decided to not do this anymore (not that I was making money anyway, ha). I now support for books and you’ll see book links from there.

So where does that leave us seven years in? I guess running around in circles. But I’m not bothered by it.


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Read: “Police in Libraries: What the Cop-Free Library Movement Wants” by Ella Fassler and Anya Ventura (Teen Vogue)

Watch/listen: Black History Buff podcast


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