Social Distancing Diaries: Vol. 9

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It’s the 9th week of quarantine!!

That’s the start of basically ever email I received this week. We also passed our 60th day of self-isolation on Wednesday. Parts of New York state are starting to re-open today, but NYC has only met 4 of 7 metrics set by the governor for re-opening, and our “PAUSE” orders aka stay inside are through May 28, though the mayor has said it’s likely into June. I had a phone call check in with a few higher-ups in my department and they were speculating not opening the office until September. Of course that’s all up in the air, but every time I see people without a mask or acting recklessly while outside I feel the timeline ticking upwards.

Earlier this week on Twitter I saw a question about what is the best pre-quarantine purchase you made that has saved you during quarantine. I have been thinking about it all week so here’s a short list now that I’ve had some time to sit on it:

Pre-quarantine purchases that have saved us:

  • For me, a big tub of First Aid Beauty moisturizer that I bought in November at Marshall’sโ€”I have been using it every day and I’ve still got a lot left!!
  • My collection of sheet masks I bought last summer, my skin care routine is still going strong
  • Our Nikon camera we bought Christmas 2018, since quarantine we’ve finally learned some basics on how its supposed to work and improved our skills a bit!
  • Nintendo Switch we bought Christmas 2019, for Animal Crossing reasons
  • Josh’s computer I got him as a birthday gift in June 2019โ€”he’s been able to take his web development course and we do use it for video calls with family and friends because it’s newer and more reliable than my computer I use for work

Josh did complete his web development course on Udemy and now is building his portfolio, if you need a free website, now is the time to ask him!

Meanwhile, I resurrected my old journal, which I’ve picked up and put down so many times, so that I don’t buy a new one just yet. It’s been nice to take a break a couple times a week to collect my thoughts. The good thing about writing is that it keeps my eyes off a screen for at least 30 mins out of the day to help with my eye strain. And the eye strain is no joke, between working at a computer, on my phone, watching tv, or reading on my kindle, screens are everywhere!

Some joys I found this week:

1. Percy Jackson is getting a Disney+ adaptation!!!!

2. Thread of animal tik toks (click through the tweet to see more)!!

3. New recipe in the rotation for sofritas! Last night we made it for tacos!

4. This wild Robert Pattinson GQ interview in which he makes some sort of pasta dish and explodes his microwave.

5. The hottest accessory: Glam face masks!!

This sequin one:

This canvas one with lips, how cute!

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Stay safe and STAY HOME! โ™ฅ

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