Social Distancing Diaries: Vol. 6

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It’s the 6th week of staying home and I haven’t left the apartment in over a week, even for errands. It’s certainly taken a toll on my mental health. I’m having mood swings, feeling lethargic, not energized, doing the bare minimum of work, uninspired to make meals or clean the apartment. I’m not being a very good partner right now and I just feel stuck. 

One of my day dreams this week is thinking about living on a rural farmhouse and going about a day to day of taking care of a large heard of animals while also baking gorgeous foods in my whitewashed farmhouse kitchen with a bunch of family and friends. I need some fresh air, damnit!

I took today off work to re-fresh my mind a bit. We’ll see if I can get out of this mental block I’m having. 

This week’s update is pretty short: I’m still working, still saving money where we can. We’re not sick. We’ve been eating well. I’ve been spending a lot more time on Instagram and I’m getting influenced to buy things when now really isn’t the time to over-spend. I found this Financial Diet article helpful in reminding me of how to step away from my online shopping cart.

Some joys I found this week:

1. Josh doing all the work in this house including a deep clean and baking a cheesecake!!

2. One of my online orders was delivered this week, jeans!! Wearing them is like dressing up for quarantine! Here’s the pair I got on sale in case anyone is interested.

3. A Parks & Rec reunion?? My heart is happy!

4. Ordered some cotton leggings from the brand Pact to replace a pair that is on its last legs. Lounge wear life! (also Pact is a sustainable brand, so I don’t feel guilty about buying them).

5. Little bit of publishing satire for you and their interview with Electric Lit!

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