Social Distancing Diaries: Vol. 3

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This weekend it really hit me that I don’t want to get this virus. I’ve been trying to combat my own paranoia, but I can’t stop thinking about how this pandemic won’t go away and it seems inevitable that me and Josh will get it just because we live in New York. Multiple times this week we’ve seen ambulances parked on the street. We started wearing masks outside to run errands (grocery/laundry). I think the CDC and Surgeon General warned against wearing masks because they didn’t want supplies to be stockpiled, when they need them at hospitals, but we just found a box we had from a long time ago and I’m so glad we have this for our own use. And now the mayor is advising wearing any cloth cover over our nose and mouth so at least we’ll be somewhat protected. Josh was telling me about when he went to the grocery store last week, people were not keeping any social distancing precautions. (Also worth noting that the grocery store is hard to keep space, even with the employees.)

Writing this post a bit differently this week, I want to give you a daily rundown because we had quite an emotional roller coaster.

Sunday (3/29) / Monday (3/30):

Josh is experiencing some body aches, post nasal drip, and a slight fever (mid-99 degrees).

I change my prescription pharmacy to one that is one mile away instead of near my work so I don’t have to take the subway.

Tuesday (3/31):

Josh receives first unemployment insurance payment (does not include the extra stimulus package money).

Josh experiencing severe muscle spasms in upper neck shoulder blade area. Also experiencing shortness of breath, sharp pain through upper neck and down arm. Called a tele-doc around 11pm to go over symptoms. Doctor does not recommend going to the ER, but just monitor symptoms. Doctor also recommends taking ibuprofen for reducing inflammation in the muscle, stating there’s no credible data to indicate it would interfere with coronavirus symptoms. Tuesday night, early Wednesday AM Josh wakes up in a panic attack saying he can’t breathe, but he eventually calms himself and gets to a place where he can sleep some.

Wednesday (4/1):

Emailed HR to get Josh added to my health insurance as a domestic partner. (His insurance expires 4/30), but my job does not support domestic partners in its health coverage. (And we cant get married to get him on the insurance because the city clerk’s office is closed!)

Josh goes to Urgent Care to get himself checked out. I can’t go with him. He’s required to wear a mask and gloves (if he has them). Urgent care doctor does not test for COVID-19 because Josh hasn’t knowingly come in contact with an infected person and hasn’t recently traveled. Doctor recommends ibuprofen for the shoulder pain. I go to sleep very early because of being awake the night before.

Thursday (4/2)

Josh’s muscle pain lessened. No fever. I’m also not experiencing any symptoms.

During my lunch hour we try to take the laundry to our normal laundromat, instead we find it closed.

After my work is done for the day, we take a walk around the neighborhood to find an open laundromat. Of the 4 laundromats in a 2-block radius of our apartment 3 are closed, and the 4th has limited hours and only 7 people can be inside at one time. As a reminder, laundromats are considered an essential service so this is especially jarring to see together with all the other closed businesses. There’s a pickup/delivery laundry service that is nearby, but when we check the prices later, it’s double what we would usually spend. Four blocks away there’s another laundromat that appears to be open from 8:30-5. Carrying laundry that far would be difficult, but I think we can use a cart. We have limited options so we’re also looking into buying a non-electric pedal type of home washer–something like this. It’s kind of small, but might save us money in the long run. We’re also considering the possibility of washing our clothes in the tub.

Friday (4/3)

Josh’s symptoms from earlier this week are not as apparent. I still am not showing any symptoms. We’re trying to avoid grocery shopping these past two days because that’s when EBT/WIC cards are filled. We’re considering grocery delivery services, but that’s also makes us spend extra money when we don’t have the extra to spend (not to mention it puts strain on those workers).

Here’s some good news from the week:

  • Josh’s family has started a weekly video chat, which is an absolute delight.
  • We’re continuing our Marvel movie marathon this week. Guardians of the Galaxy is still bomb and Ant-Man continues to be the funniest movie so far (behind Thor: Ragnarok, obviously)
  • My personal project this week was to look into photos of family members I have, but don’t know much about, I reached out to my uncle to check on him and find out more about them. And their looks from the era were fascinating!
  • I talked to my grandma on the phone for our weekly check-in!
  • My mom sent an Easter care package with candy for me and Josh! 🐥

Anyone else seeing a high volume of lounge wear ads lately? I’m trying to be happy with what I have, but what I wouldn’t give for some nice leggings right about now! Hope everyone reading this is hanging in, this experience is unprecedented. But we’re in it together.

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Stay safe and STAY HOME! ♥


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