HeyLookAtThis! July 20, 2019


Even though I only worked a couple of days this week because I took time off on Monday and Tuesday, I felt like I couldn’t really get into my work this week. This happens every so often that I just go through the motions. It didn’t help that Friday we were having email issues! Instead of my normal money post this week on Monday, I decided to post a political opinion on student loan forgiveness. Might do a little series writing about the issues of the 2020 election–let me know what you want to hear about.

Here’s what caught my eye this week!

1. It’s a heat wave!! Stay safe, read indoors! 🙂IMG_3117.JPG

2. As I begin planning for a wedding, I’m trying to be conscious about the amount I would potentially ask guests to spend on certain things. I really liked this article from the New York Times about how people go over the top with destination bachelorette parties. Maybe “instagramable” shouldn’t be the goal for everything! https://t.co/OR7b8eKb72

3. Finished A Wolf Called Wander this week. It’s a super sweet middle-grade story based on a real life wolf that loses his pack and travels across Oregon. I was very invested in the well being of this animal!

Image result for a wolf called wander

4. Finally saw Toy Story 4 this week! It’s so so good. We just rewatched TS3 last week so I feel like I’ve been on an emotional journey! Go watch the movie for “Forky,” but stay for Woody’s journey. Also, can I just plan my Halloween costume as Bo Peep now??

Image result for toy story 4

5. Ilhan Omar’s resilience is incredibly inspiring:

Have a good week! ♥

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