HeyLookAtThis! June 29, 2019


Who watched the democratic debates?? There are some real weirdos who think they can run the country! And a very misguided VP. I’m going to be watching the election cycle fiercely, but it cannot distract from the White House and impeachment proceedings.

On the blog this week I talked about getting scammed and what I learned from it. Notice how all the examples are me in my early 20s! So naive!

Here’s what caught my eye this week!

1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! Just finished this series on Netflix. It’s so amazing. The last couple of seasons focus on Rebecca getting treatment for mental health issues. It ends so spectacularly. I especially love the concert special that aired afterward.

2. Jeremy Renner has a song??????

I don’t hate it?

3. ModCloth is having a 40% off sale items sale! Get on that! I recommend this dress! (Affiliate link)

4. Listened to the first 3 episodes of the Best Friends podcast this week. I was trying to stifle my giggles while I was listening at work. It is HILARIOUS.

5. Is this the cutest picture book of all time? YES

36373395. sx318

Have a good week! ♥

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