Best Budget Travel Websites


This is a catchall post for travelers looking to find a good deal. I might update this if I find other websites or apps that help book a good deal. When I started planning a trip recently, I signed up for all the email newsletters that would notify me when prices dropped on certain flights, I downloaded apps, I religiously tracked flights. Looking for a good deal is a bit exhausting, but it is well worth it when you score excellent prices. (As all bargain hunters are known for, its the thrill of the chase!) Take a look at how much we spent on flights during our recent trip to Europe! We chose to go in the off season, so we would definitely save money that way, and we also booked the flights ourselves instead of going through an agent or travel group. Further, if you’re flexible about your leave and return dates, this can also save hundreds of dollars!

In my search for the cheapest way to travel, these are the websites I used to find a good deal.


All of these websites below have email newsletters that let you know when flight prices drop or there is an airline sale. Sign up for them! Scott’s Cheap Flights is my favorite. Also, TravelZoo and Travel Pirates will cater the newsletter to your “Hometown” so you can find local deals to restaurants, shows, and other goodies. You may be inspired to go somewhere because you saw a deal too good to pass up!

Website: Google Flights

If you are not taking advantage of Google Flights, you are missing out. You can look at flights for your preferred travel time and track the prices before booking. Using your gmail account, they will notify you of price changes via email.

App: Hopper

Like Google Flights, you enter your preferred travel time and destination and this app will track prices and suggest alternate days to save money on flights, and notify you when the prices change. It’s very easy to use.

Do you have any go-to savings websites? I think Expedia/Kayak/Priceline work well, but how do I know I’m getting the best deal? I prefer knowing when there’s a sale or price drop or even when an airline accidentally marks the flights as 99% off! (It’s happened). Let me know in the comments!

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