How Much We Paid for a 10 Day Europe Trip

How Much We Paid for 10 Day Europe Trip

In March we took a major trip to Europe. It was Josh’s first time overseas and my first time going to some new cities. We planned to be traveling for 10 days in total. Our trip was Paris (3 nights), Florence (2 nights), Rome (1 night), Dublin (1 night), and London (2 nights) — plus a surprise day trip to Galway, which for numbers purposes was not included in this total. It was certainly a whirlwind! And while we knew that we wanted to keep costs low, we also didn’t want that to keep us from seeing all the sights. So we started planning by buying the flights and Airbnb reservations in September, and choosing a time that was not peak tourist season.

See the recap of our stay: [Paris] [Florence] [Rome] [Dublin & Galway] [London]

But that’s where the savings ended. As you can see from the breakdown, we spent quite a lot on food and cash on hand, in addition to the miscellaneous costs that popped up, and all the money we spent on experiences. While we did have enough money saved to cover the entire cost, it was still shocking to see the final tally here. Looking back, we had a great experience, so I wouldn’t change anything. In the future, however, we’ll probably not have a bottle of wine with every dinner or try to avoid those miscellaneous costs (like taxis, checked bags, or tour buses).

For simplification purposes, everything is in USD.

Flights: $1,312.20

  • NYC to Paris via Norwegian Air: $348.00
  • Paris to Florence via Air France: $133.50
  • Rome to Dublin via RyanAir: $174.82 
  • Dublin to London via RyanAir: $106.08
  • London to NYC via Norwegian: $549.80
Flying from Paris to Florence

Other transportation: $597.13

  • Paris Commuter Rail from Airport: $67.28
  • Paris Commuter Rail to Airport: $39.71
  • Paris metro: $16.85
  • Bus to Tuscan Vineyard tour: $15.89
  • London tube: $13.05
  • Florence to Rome train: $62.63
  • Taxi from London airport: $166.27
  • Taxi to Airport on departure: $67.01
  • Taxi from NY Airport on arrival: $63.80
  • Taxi in Dublin: $21.56

Airbnb/Hotel: $985.06 

  • Paris Airbnb (3 nights): $318.43
  • Florence Airbnb (2 nights): $145.54
  • Rome Airbnb (1 night): $99.22
  • Dublin Hotel (1 night): $235.45
  • London Airbnb (2 nights): $231.82
  • Credit for Rome Airbnb: -$80.40
  • Cleaning Fee (Florence): $35.00
Our Airbnb in Florence

Food: $1,381.88


  • Paris Day 1 Lunch: $17.79
  • Paris Day 1 jet lag Starbucks: $9.84
  • Paris Day 1 Dinner: $71.01
  • Paris day 2 Lunch: $67.28
  • Paris Day 2 Macrons: $45.68
  • Paris Day 3 Lunch: $72.60
  • Paris Day 3 Dinner: $156.50
  • Paris Day 3 After Dinner Drinks: $10.32
  • Paris Airport Breakfast: $30.85

Paris Total: $481.87


  • Florence Day 1 Lunch: $31.13
  • Florence Day 1 Second Lunch: $38.61
  • Florence Day 1 dinner: $80.56
  • Florence Day 1 Dessert: $5.67
  • Florence Day 2 Lunch: $49.36
  • Florence Day 2 Dinner: $118.01

Florence Total: $323.34


  • Rome Breakfast: $8.51
  • Rome Lunch: $14.77
  • Rome Dinner: $113.61

Rome Total: $136.89


  • Dublin lunch: $67.06
  • Dublin dinner: $67.51

Dublin Total: $134.57


  • Dinner in London Night 1: $47.95
  • Kensington Palace Tea Service Day 1: $152.76
  • London Day 2 Breakfast: $27.69
  • London Day 2 Starbucks: $8.25
  • London Day 2 Dinner: $62.59

London Total: $299.24

♦ In Flight ♦

  • In flight food/drink (return flight): $6
Appetizer at Kensington Palace Pavillion in London

Entertainment: $698.73

  • Eiffel Tower Tour: $58.04
  • Louvre Museum: $38.78
  • Louvre Museum gift shop: $7.14
  • Florence TurboPass: $159.14
  • Tuscan Wine Tour: $51.54
  • Wine purchase from vineyard: $74.89
  • Big Bus Tour Rome: $72.62
  • Colosseum Entrance: $49.93
  • Big Bus Tour London: $88.66
  • Jameson Whiskey Tour: $49.49
  • Globe Theater Tour: $48.50
Jameson Distillery Whiskey Tour in Dublin

Cash on Hand: $793 

Miscellaneous: $365.19

  • Foreign Transaction fees on purchases made with debit card prior to departure: $17.90
  • Band-aids in Florence: $7.66
  • Luggage storage Rome: $11.23
  • Luggage storage London: $10.63
  • Checked bag: $92.99
  • Shipping Wine from Italy: $68.70
  • Locks for luggage: $18.71
  • Verizon Overseas Data Plan (total): $200



This doesn’t even include our time in Galway, which was a complete surprise and not originally on my itinerary. You can check out why in my recap! Those costs were covered solely by Josh so I didn’t want to include them in our “together” cost breakdown.

I’m going to be honest, I was not expecting this number. Because we were buying things since September, it didn’t really hit me how much our costs were going to change. I think we initially set a $2,500 savings goal for each of us. Yikes!

You’ll notice we didn’t do a lot of extraneous shopping. There was a large souvenir purchase from the vineyard in Florence, but we kept our spending more on experiences than anything. The biggest overspend was the meals. Specifically, for our dinners (and sometimes lunches) we would order a glass of wine or a whole bottle. These costs really added up. Knowing what we know now, it seems that we could have been more conservative with our drinking and only order wine for one dinner per city. But hindsight is 20/20.

The cash on hand was useful for changing from different currencies. If any meals are missing from the daily breakdown, they were probably purchased with cash. We did also buy small souvenirs with cash too. I love bringing back a magnet from each place we go, so a lot of times it is easiest to buy them from a street vendor. Some of the cash was also used for taxis and such, too. It seems excessive, but we just wanted to be sure we were covered for any unforeseen (cash only) costs.

All of our spending overseas was put on a new travel credit card we got for this specific purpose. The travel card didn’t charge foreign transaction fees, which was the major reason we wanted to use it. There was an added layer of security if we were scammed in Europe, too. I am not using my current credit card, and I didn’t want to bring my debit card, so this was the best solution for us. There was a sign up bonus where we could receive a lot of points if we spent X amount in a month of opening the card. Luckily we reached this threshold, so that’s extra money in our pocket for future purchases. Because we saved ahead of time, we were able to pay off the card so it was worth using.

I am nervous about putting this spending breakdown online. Seeing the hard numbers brings a lot of judgement. I just want to be honest about what we did. Since I write a lot about personal finance, I find it helpful to include the actual numbers and not talk in generalities (which I know I am guilty of in other posts). If others find this useful when planning their next trip, that’s great, or maybe someone will see our cost breakdown and find ways to trim their vacation spending. Or maybe none of the above and that’s OK, too. Let me know where you’re planning to visit next in the comments! ♥
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