Spending Habits: January 2019

Spending Habits_ January 2019

Thought I would try something new with a monthly spending recap! Just a way to analyze my spending and see where I can improve.

Even though I don’t really like to rely upon MINT to keep track of my day to day spending, I do like the feature with the spending breakdown by category so here’s my results for last month:

Screenshot 2019-02-03 19.35.59

The Home category is just my rent, no surprises there, same for Bills & Utilities, my student loan payment. Everything as usual. The fees are the interest fees on my credit card so that is not surprising to me, though I do want to eliminate them sooner rather than later.

My food and drink category is high because the transactions from late December hit my account in January, about $150 worth of eating out. So if we were doing the honor system, this was one of the leaner “going out to eat” months of recent memory. I didn’t go out to eat for lunch, I brought it everyday (yay!), and I didn’t order Seamless! I did spend more on groceries. And I paid for a couple date nights so it wasn’t all sacrifice.

The “Travel” category is unusual spending, I took a taxi to the vet on December 31, and a taxi from the airport on December 27. Those transactions were on my January spending so they put me over the year in terms of travel spending, I usually only pay for a metro card. I’m not excusing the spending, just acknowledging what it was about. It’s not inherently bad that I spent outside of my usual, it’s just something that happened.

About a third of the “shopping” category was things that I buy semi-regularly, but there were other purchases made in the name of travel! I bought a backpack and cross-body bag, and a few sweaters. I’m so excited to have this vacation! I definitely need to reign it in with my February since I want to save money for this trip.

When I see this graph, I feel a bit of regret in some of the shopping purchases. I wish that I resisted the “sale on sale” temptation a bit better. I thought I could push through, but then I got paid and I found myself justifying these purchases. Let’s see how it shakes out next month!

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