Money Resolutions

money resolutions
Happy New Year from a kitten

Inspired by this post from The Financial Diet!

Last week I wrote about my New Years Resolutions, and on a personal level, I’m trying to take more time to be present, but I have been on a financial journey since last year. In 2018, I stopped using my credit card. I’ll have a more complete update on this coming soon, but I want my money resolutions to align with my goals from last year, too. So in an effort to motivate myself to keep going, I’m writing a list of money resolutions. It’s motivating to me that I’ve met my money goals so far and it pushes me to continue on this path of controlling my personal finances.

  • Continue to pay down my credit card/ do not spend on my credit card
  • Save! More! Money!
  • Be more conscious of my purchases for things that are not necessities. (And remind myself of my other goals to pay down my credit card and save money.)
  • Use it or lose it toward my subscriptions (looking at my gym membership!)
  • Spend less on going out to eat

These goals are an effort to change my habits. I have a very relaxed view of my money now in that if I have the money on hand, I’ll just pay for whatever impulses come up. I really need to make a thoughtful effort to change the way I spend money. It’s been eye opening doing the credit card challenge, and yet, how much I still have to learn. I’ve come so far in my money journey this past year, I know that I am capable of setting a goal and sticking to it. What steps to I need to take to achieve it? How do I spend money? Can I make an active choice when it comes to spending my money? What do I need to do to make my financial burdens less of a burden?

These resolutions and questions will be following me into the new year.

Happy New Year! ♥
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