New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year!

My year started by cuddling my sick cat. She has an upper respiratory infection, bit sneezey, eyes a bit watery, but overall, she’ll be okay. It was a low key night of getting her her meds and just being there for her. It’s what being a cat mom is all about. I had a debate in my head about taking her to the vet, but I realized that this is the responsibility of being a cat owner, of being a person in charge of the well being of something or someone else. So even though we’d just arrived back from vacation, it was something we couldn’t avoid. She was sick and needed to be taken care of soon.

I feel bad that I even had the debate about taking her to the vet. It should have been my number one priority. She’s not human, you can’t just wait it out when you don’t know what’s wrong, and she couldn’t tell me how she was feeling so that I could better care for her at home. I waited because I was worried about money. Ultimately, it ended up being less than $300 to visit the vet, a manageable amount, all things considered, but it also means that she’s getting older and I have to more carefully monitor her ailments, and make sure she’s living her best life–whether that means paying for more vet visits, or buying extra toys.

This doesn’t have a lot to do with New Years Resolutions. I always try to make them at the start of the year and they never really go anywhere (i.e. go to the gym, pay off debts, save more money, etc.). But starting the year off with Jada the cat, I just want to be present in my life and experience all the things that I have planned for this year, so my resolutions are a bit different than usual, in that I want to be a bit more intentional with my time.

  1. Be present
  2. Be fearless
  3. Be prepared
  4. Be aware
  5. Be calm

This time of year is for reflection and good intentions, and all good things, but I want to try to set more goals during the year and not just right now. I hope I make time for that this year.

Happy New Year to all!

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