My Book-ish Year in Review

My Book-ish Year in Review

The year in review week kicks off with my book-ish round up! Follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading day to day! And you can follow Around the World in 80 Books, where I’ll be posting book reviews more regularly at the start of the year.

My Year in Books! See what I read in 2018! #goodreads #yearinbooks

Total number of books read (as of this posting): 67 out of a goal of 70

Categories (some overlap):

  • Children’s picture books: 7
  • Middle Grade: 4
  • Young adult fiction: 9
  • Poetry: 1
  • Comics/Graphic Novels: 6
  • Adult fantasy/sci-fi: 11
  • Romance: 7
  • Literary/ Contemporary/ Historical Fiction: 8
  • Short stories: 2
  • Short (other): 2
  • Non-fiction: 9
  • Re-reads: 2
  • Diverse Reads: 28 (41% of my total reading)

My goal this year was a nearly impossible 70 books, which in consideration of my reading habits, seemed too high to reach. That’s why I padded my reading with picture books, poetry, and shorter books that I knew I could get through easily. If you consider a book-length work to be young adult reading and above, I just managed 48 long-form books. But that is the brilliance of a Goodreads goal and their reading system, it doesn’t matter what I read. There’s no threshold for books. So take that!

Looking ahead: The only reason I chose that number was because my boyfriend suggested it, but I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to finish 70 books by the end of this year, which I never would have imagined. Maybe next year I can go for 75 books? Or I’ll ask my boyfriend for an impossible number again this year.

A surprising number of non-fiction books made their way onto my list this year too, but not for nothing, this reading was absolutely necessary. I’ve never been more interested in non-fiction so I think that I’ll be reading more of that in the future.

Reading is such an important part of my life that no matter the goal, I’ll always be reading.

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