My Self Care Routine

My Self Care Routine
Bath Time

When I make time for myself I’m better able to to quell my anxiety. It’s an act of love, an affirmation that I can take care of myself. I can acknowledge that for a moment not everything is in chaos. My self care can take many forms, as I outline below, but it always focuses on the little details, like choosing a nail polish or perfecting the perfect hot chocolate. I wouldn’t have put a name to it years ago, but now I can see that some of this practice has been with me for years!

Wash My Face + Sheet Mask

I like doing this best if I’m having a bad skin day. I always wash my face, but the routine of doing so plus the 15 minutes I’m using the sheet mask do wonders to calm down my mind for the day. Check out my recommendations for sheet masks here.

YouTube + Painting My Nails

I love the art of doing my nails (using the term art loosely here since I’m still a bit messy). I love having a queue of videos and my next nail color ready to go. It’s just me time.

Hot Chocolate + Book

Is there anything better suited to reading than a hot drink? My reading habits vary depending on where I am while I’m reading, but if I’m home, I make myself a drink.

Sweatshirt + Blankets + Cat Cuddles

I missed cat cuddles so much after college when I was away from home and didn’t have a pet. My cat Jada we’ve had for about a year and a half and I just love how she cuddles with me. She brings me comfort.

These are a few of the things I do in the name of self care. I try not to do things under this umbrella that would make me spend money unnecessarily (maybe sheer masks are an exception, but they are not that expensive from Amazon). It’s all about balance, both internally and externally.

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