HeyLookAtThis! December 8, 2018

HeyLookAtThis #11 (1)

It was an exciting week! This Thursday I went to an alt rock concert with an amazing line up: Muse, Florence and the Machine, Death Cab For Cutie, Foster the People, Mike Shinoda, CHVRCHES, Bastillle, and AJR Band! It was amazing! I don’t go to a lot of concerts so I’m glad I was able to go to this one. This week on the blog was my follow up about holiday shopping and budgeting, a review of Artemis, my review of the play “Mother of the Maid,” and how I’ve been traumatized by Christmas music.

Here are the things that caught my eye this week:

1. DUMPLIN’ on Netflix: I watched it last night and it is everything I hoped it would be! Lives up to the book and is better than some of the other “plus sized” Netflix shows/movies that are out there!

Image result for dumplin movie poster

2. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE: Listening on repeat since Thursday

3. Can someone buy me this?


4. Cancel men: What Kind of Monster Tears the Pages Out of Books? Jason Momoa, That’s Who!

5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is my favorite person on Twitter:

Have a good week! ♥

HeyLookAtThis! [last week]

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