HeyLookAtThis! December 1, 2018

HeyLookAtThis #10
Tis the season!

OK Mueller, what do you got?! Surprising no one, it’s been a politically challenging week, but at least Melania is celebrating the season appropriately? On a personal note, I cannot wait to sleep in this weekend. I have been staying up past midnight most nights and it is not good for me. This week on the blog covered a range of topics from my cyber Monday strategy, a review of Amberlough, my holiday gift guide, and ways I’m trying to reduce my environmental impact.

And here’s the rest that caught my eye:

1. Christmas romance season! Two of these books have dogs on the cover 😀

2. Jeopardy is on Netflix, but it did not prepare me for bar trivia this week!

Image result for jeopardy

3. This freaking adorable sheet set from Urban Outfitters.

4. thank u, next


Have a good week! ♥

HeyLookAtThis! [last week]

Ann Taylor Factory



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