What I Am Thankful For This Year

What I Am Thankful For This Year (1)

It’s the time of year for reflection. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the making food part of Thanksgiving that I don’t really pause and take stock of what matters to me. The holiday has become something big and excessive (even I bough a bunch of food this week that I don’t need because our holiday celebration will be small). In reflection, a lot of changes have happened in the past year and I just wanted to take some time to acknowledge those events and the people in my life. It’s important to me that I acknowledge the history of Thanksgiving here–and the part colonization has played in this holiday.

♥I’m thankful for my new extended family

♥I’m thankful for a boyfriend who supports me in many different ways

♥I’m thankful for my friends

♥I’m thankful for a steady job

♥I’m thankful for books

Happy Thanksgiving!

Davids Cookies

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