Pros and Cons of a Staycation

Pros and Cons of a Staycation

This past week I was home on vacation, but didn’t plan anything to do while I was home. I tried to read and catch up on my books, but in reality, I took a lot of naps and fell into a routine of an extended weekend. I came up with this list that sums up my feelings on staycation-ing. Since I hadn’t had a long vacation earlier this year, it was nice to take a break from work.


  • Naps
  • Time to yourself
  • Running errands at any time.
  • Time for reading
  • Time for blogging (this post!)
  • A nice long break from the world
  • Having dedicated vacation activities (like going to a show or shopping)


  • Being a little bit sick (this week I ate something weird)
  • Not actually having a day to day plan
  • Sitting around and not doing anything
  • Not knowing what day it is!
  • Cleaning

The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my case. I didn’t feel like I needed to travel in order to enjoy my time off. I’m looking forward to my next vacation!! ♥

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