HeyLookAtThis! October 27, 2018

HeyLookAtThis #5

It’s been a pretty chill week for me. I was on vacation and by vacation, I mean staycation. I was home. I worked on some upcoming blog posts, I went to the gym a few times, I hung out with my cat, and I did not check my work email. On the blog, I wrote a few posts on student loans, The Book of M, the most recent off-Broadway show I saw, and voting resources.

All in all, a pretty slow, relaxing week. Here are a few things that caught my eye:

1. Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix

Salt Fat Acid Heat

I watched all four episodes, I thought it was a thoughtful exploration of how to make food. Taking your time, loving what you are putting on the table, and understanding how the flavors are enhanced with fat, salt, acid, and heat.

2. For a Muse of Fire by Heidi Heilig

For a Muse of Fire Heidi Heilig

Very interesting exploration of colonialism and rebellion mixed with magic.


4. Little Rooms Jewelry

I’m obsessed with this Instagram account, which includes a free weird fact with every post! I am really tempted to get some of these pieces!

Hope you have a spooky week!

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