My Favorite Financial Websites and Books Geared Toward Women

My Favorite Financial Websites and Books

As you may be aware, I’ve been on somewhat of a financial “journey” this past year, but I have been interested in getting my financial act together for a few years. I found that these resources really helped me prioritize my goals and understand how my own thinking and habits have led me into bad spending traps.

Financial Diet Screenshot

1. Every time I go to The Financial Diet website for one article, I always find myself clicking on at least two or three others. The content is accessible and relatable. The topics range from side hustles, simple money saving tricks, consideration of how lifestyle ideas (like  minimalism, for example) might impact finances, financial confessions, and generally good advice for living your best financial life. I look forward to the newsletter in my inbox every Friday! It’s nice knowing that the content is targeted towards people in their mid to late 20s, like myself. I have been meaning to read TFD’s book, too!

Bitches Get Riches Screenshot

2. Bitches Get Riches is such an unexpected, but very awesome website run by two friends who take their real-life experience and apply it to their advice. I wish I knew how I found them because I just love their voice and writing style so much. It’s no-nonsense, and it’s just like you would expect of someone you trust telling you the truth. Topics include money, but also range from career advice, marriage, and mental health, among many other things.

Daily Worth Screenshot

3. The Daily Worth website has changed from when I first found it, so now they are affiliated with HerMoney, but much of the content is a treasure trove of really practical information. If you’re just starting out assessing your financial picture, this is a good place to start to get the basics. I found this helpful when looking at 401k and IRA retirement information. Of course, it’s easy to get lost in the articles, but unlike The Financial Diet, I think the audience for Daily Worth skews mid-30s and older. Some of my favorite topics include advice on credit card debt management, saving money, and asking for a raise.

All Your Worth Elizabeth Warren Amelia Warren Tyagi

4. All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren and her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi was such a surprise to me. I didn’t realize Warren’s life had been teaching finance and law before she became a politician. She has quite a few books on finance other than this, but I found this because it was recommended on one of the above websites. It’s the most basic personal finance books because it has the 50/30/20 breakdown of budgeting. But my major takeaway is that I should start thinking of my credit card payments and something that I could be saving. This simple concept was not something that was obvious to me in all the years I’ve been making payments on my credit card–paying on my card had just become a part of my life and I had not made the connection that it didn’t have to be this way. But hell yeah, Elizabeth Warren, I do see how I could be using my credit card payment toward my savings once the card is paid off! It made me more critical of where my money goes.

Bad With Money

5. I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but one that caught my attention was Bad With Money with Gabby Dunn (soon to be a book, too). What I liked the most was that it was inter-sectional, honest, and entertaining. Gaby talks about her life and relationship to money in the first episodes. She acknowledges that the way she was raised correlates to how bad she was at money now as an adult. But the podcast is more than just complaining that we all have student loans, Gaby’s interview style gives her and the listeners an opportunity to learn from the various guests on topics like 401ks, student loans, credit card debt, and more.

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