Goodbye, MoviePass

Goodbye, MoviePass_AS

So hilarious to me that 6 months ago the title of this blog post was going to be “I Love MoviePass.” Oh how the mighty have fallen. Though, users of the service knew it was too good to be true, it stands that all good things must come to an end. A $10/month subscription service where you can see unlimited movies a month? In NYC, it’s an absolute dream since movie prices can be upwards of $15-17 a ticket.

Late June saw the beginning of the end in my opinion. When the service had to take out a $5 million loan, that is certainly never good or self sustaining. But for customers, first it was the movie restriction to 3 movies a month, then surge pricing for prime movie times, and then further, limited availability for new releases. And MoviePass finally settled on keeping the $10/month plan (at least for older users like myself), but users could only see certain movies on certain days (plus the earlier restrictions).

I would have been happy to pay $15 or even $20 a month for unlimited movies, but by keeping the price low and movie times inconvenient, ultimately I wasn’t using the service and I had to cancel. My decision to stop MoviePass was further determined when I had to buy tickets for Crazy Rich Asians at the box office, rather than through the app. Since it was the only movie I saw in August, I was done with the service that was providing me no incentive to use it.

If I see improvement in the service in 9 months (when I can actually open a new account again) then maybe I’ll reconsider, but for now it makes sense that I step away and go back to my occasional theater-going experience.

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