Belated Blog Birthday | Four Year Blog Anniversary!

4th blog bday (2)

Celebrating four years on February 10!

These past couple years have seen a lot of change on my little blog. At the end of 2016 I tried to write my frustrations about the political climate, but I felt inadequate in the face of ignorance. The election made me realize how much I care about politics, but how little I know about making change. My writing became How many different ways can I say “Trump is an idiot?”  (Spoiler: it’s only in two posts because then the phrase becomes too repetitive.) And this frustration continued in 2017. I didn’t write anything all year. And that was also true for writing reviews of books on 80 Books Blog. My motivation to write became zero. I read A LOT, but that didn’t translate into writing book reviews for me. I couldn’t find the words.

I did learn what actions I could take in the face of this political climate: call your legislators, keep up with the news (no matter how bleak), and hold all politicians accountable. This past year also saw an unprecedented #metoo movement, which further proves my point that a voice is valuable in the world that tells you to keep your voice small.

This birthday post is a reminder that it’s okay if we can’t find the words, they will eventually make their way back to you.

As with every blog-iversary, I’m hoping to set up some goals for the year:

  • Nail down a theme (books, politics, money, lifestyle?);
  • Create more of my own photography content (fail on this post😐);
  • Write enough that I can monetize the blog (#sidehustle).

It’s time for an update and I hope I can implement some change this year.

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