REVIEW: Crosstalk by Connie Willis

CrosstalkCrosstalk by Connie Willis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

One of my favorites this year!

Full Review: This review originally appeared on 80 Books Blog!

A galley was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

This was so cute! There’s a market for sci-fi romantic comedies and this book fills that void. This was also my first Connie Willis book so I was pleased with the writing and will definitely be reading her other books–hope they have the same genuine humor I found in this story.

Willis navigates a “millennial” problem in her book. The characters work for a communication/ tech company, CommSpan. Their main competition is Apple. The employees are constantly communicating about work, and for Briddey, her family is constantly communicating with her as well to the point where she has to turn off her phone because they keep calling and texting at all hours. The theme of constant communication is further developed with the implant that Briddey gets with Trent, where supposedly they would be able to feel each others emotions.

Are you really connecting more with your partner if you can feel their emotions? Is there such a thing as too much communication? For CommSpan many would disagree, but for the case of Briddey’s actual love interest, C.B., he sees that communication is saturated. As Briddey starts to figure out she’s telepathic, it becomes more obvious that the way in which we communicate becomes the problem and not communication in an of itself. She forms a bond with C.B. just because he can hear her and help her more directly than Trent ever could.

As all this is going on, there’s also a lot of humor that would transfer well to a screen adaptation. Maeve is hilarious, and Briddey’s family and co-workers seem to come out of an episode of the office, always interfering. Plus, the visualization exercises with C.B. were great metaphors for their actual fears.

This book was certainly underrated this year! It has humor, depth, and a very sweet love story. What more could you ask for? Sometimes sci-fi takes itself too seriously and this is the right dose of humor. It’s like the movie “What Women Want” with a sci-fi twist. Read this!!

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