REVIEW: Pax by Sarah Pennypacker, Illustrations by Jon Klassen

PaxPax by Sara Pennypacker

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A literary tale told from two perspectives, a boy named Peter and his fox named Pax, who are separated and must find one another. I found both perspectives to be very strong, but I liked reading from Pax’s perspective the most. It was the most new and unfamiliar, with detailed sensory language that only a fox would care to notice. I also really enjoyed the rich writing of the author.

“The two [foxes] padded steadily for an hour through light woods, Pax restraining himself to keep pace with the ailing Gray, relieved at least that they kept moving. But when a murder of crows landed in the bare arms of a pecan tree, Gray doubled back and sad down at its base, ears pricked up intently at the commotion.”

The illustrations were minimal, but still detailed and beautiful. A good artistic choice that set the tone for the story. I was satisfied with the conclusion and the character arc for both characters, though I’m surprised (view spoiler). The themes of friendship, love, war, and peace were all interspersed throughout the novel. The book touched on a lot of heavy themes, which I appreciated, but still kept the story accessible to all readers.

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