Blog Updates!

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, there have been some changes to my blog!

  1. New URL! I am retiring the URL in place of It’s more streamlined and professional. I’ve actually been holding on to the URL for a while and I was planning on starting a separate website. It was only recently that I discovered I could move this URL to my blog and keep all my personal and professional content together. {OMG I’ve learned so much about URLs and website hosting over the past couple weeks.} I will still be blogging, but it also brings me to my next point;
  2. Editorial Services Page! I need experience in editorial if I want to move into editorial at a Publisher. That’s why I have a new page that advertises what I can do to help your book and what the fees are. There are different types of editing and I hope any authors reading the page consider getting most if not all of these services done on their book at some point because they are vital to its success (even if it’s not done by me).
  3. New Title! Keeping with the streamlined/professional theme, I also am retiring the “Carbtastic, Nerdtastic, Fantastic” name that I originally started the blog with. I will still blog about food, books, and my life, but I just want to say it in a way that’s more google-search friendly. #SEO
  4. More Content! Lastly, and most importantly, I want to write more. And I want more people to see my writing. I’m putting a concentrated effort into putting out more blog posts and more content in general. Since we updated the host on Around the World in 80 Books I can no longer re-blog my book reviews from there, so I’ll be updating my Goodreads review and copying the blog code into new posts. I hope to have book reviews posted on Wednesdays–since my book reviews on 80 Books post on Mondays/Tuesdays. I will be continuing my the money series, Rich Bitch, on Mondays and I hope to have more money and finance focused content on Mondays after I finish the book. Fridays are for fun posts, blog updates, and recipes.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading the blog! 🙂

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