How to Look Like You Have Your Sh*t Together

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Just doing some thinking about how I like to present myself in a way that makes other think that I know what I’m doing. I have gained the skills over the years of how to look put together. In the theme of “New Year, New You” here are a few ways to fool your friends and family into thinking you’ve got it figured out.

  1. Wear patterned scarves all year.
  2. Take heavily filtered Instagram selfies.
  3. IMG_2685
    Needs more Walden tones.

    Wear blazers or structured jackets.

  4. Keep headphones in at all times.
  5. Wear your hair in an interesting style multiple times a week.
  6. Wear winged eyeliner (no smudges!).
  7. Wear nail polish on a regular basis.
  8. Never cry in public.
  9. Stay home as often as possible.
  10. Order the Omelet at brunch because you’re on a “health kick” and not because it’s the cheapest thing on the menu.

I hope everyone who reads this understands that this was meant sarcastically. Everyone is on a different journey. For me, having control over these little things makes the big decisions and changes easier to process. And these suggestions do not necessarily mean you have your life together. Putting up a front of put-togetherness is easy, but it’s important to reflect on hardships and talk to others about any problems you may be having.

Until next time!

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