Fuck rain. That was my attitude last night while I went out for some fun and hilarity. It was raining, wet, and cold, but Union Hall in Brooklyn was a cozy, book-packed(!) bar that felt very comfortable. I was invited to the variety/comedy show Meet Me in the Bathroom and Tell Me All Your Secrets, created and hosted by Dave Hill, a comedian who wrote the theme song for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver with his band Valley Lodge. The band was on stage to play a few songs, get the crowd pumped, and introduce the acts.

Here’s “Go” by Valley Lodge (that theme song).

Valley Lodge1
Valley Lodge [saga of heads in photos #1]
Dave Hill would also make jokes and tell erotic short stories in between performances. I was almost hoping the erotica would be as good as the former sex and literature comedy duo Kafkarotica, but we can’t all win. He still drew plenty of laughs with the quick sexytime stories. And other lamentations about Norwegians.

Mary Radzinski
Mary Radzinski [saga of heads in photos #2: the second]
The first comedian was Mary Radzinski from Philadelphia who was pretty straight forward with her not-giving-a-shit-about-having-babies lifestyle. She did a joke about dating a person with an eye patch, and I definitely saw her with a guy wearing an eye-patch while I was leaving, so way to keep it authentic.✔️

Matthew Holtzclaw [saga of heads in photos #3: the magic]
The next act was a magician named Matthew Holtzclaw. (Why was this the first person I made eye contact with when I got in the room??? He was sharply dressed, so shush. P.S. please wash my dishes.) He was great with sleight of hand and card tricks. His real talent (?) was pulling a piece of string through his mouth, up his sinuses, and out of his tear duct! Everyone in the audience expected it to come out of his nose, so that was impressive. I wish he had more time on stage because he was fun to watch and very funny.

After a brief musical interlude, Dave sat down with Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan to talk about their show and banter about getting Dave on their show. I think this was also an opportunity to test out a few jokes because I definitely heard the donut/TSA/traveling joke a few months ago when I was at Eastville Comedy Club and Jim Gaffigan made a surprise appearance. Anyway, this was kind of awkward to watch because they were sitting and it was difficult to see. Jeannie is mostly the driving force behind Jim’s career, but she doesn’t get enough credit. At the same time, she seemed really stiff, so it was hard to feel a connection to her. Meanwhile, Jim would just turn to the audience and laugh at his own jokes because he’s adorable.

Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan 2
Jim and Jeannie Gaffigan [saga of heads in photos #4: the sit down]
Michelle Buteau
Michelle Buteau [saga of heads in photos #5: the cropped and the blurry]
Following the Gaffigan’s was a stand-up set from Michelle Buteau, where she started telling this story about her first boyfriend and living in Miami and how she was ultimately heartbroken by him. Though the main take-away was how comedy is the best revenge. She was really good at engaging the crowd and turning awkward silences into jokes, very well done. She was a great storyteller, and her set was a lot of fun.

To close, Valley Lodge came back on the stage and they played with Har Mar Superstar! This was my favorite part. I didn’t realize that I already knew of Har Mar Superstar until I heard his song “Lady You Shot Me.” A few years ago my brother shared the song with me. What a throwback! And it sounds just as good live as it does on the record.

Har Mar Superstar 2
HAR MAR SUPERSTAR [saga of heads in photos #6: the finale]

The show ended with the audience on their feet bobbing along to “Restless Leg.”

What a great night! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed that it was more of a variety show than just straight stand-up. Glad I was able to go! ❤

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