Mocha at Home!

I’ve been drinking coffee since I moved to New York. But the only way I can consume it is with vast amounts of sugar and milk. I hate the smell of it! I’ve heard coffee hipsters say they get high off the aroma, but it’s too strong for me. My solution, which I’ve come to call a mocha, is very simple, I just add a hot chocolate packet to the coffee and voila! It’s delicious. All my co-workers mock me, but I know they are secretly jealous!


All you will need:

  • Fresh brewed coffee
  • 1 Hot Chocolate packet
  • Milk or coffee creamer
  • Whipped Cream (optional)

Step one: Assemble ingredients

Ingredients assembled!
Ingredients assembled!

Step two: Add desired amount of coffee creamer.

Step three: Add hot chocolate packet and stir until blended.

Blend baby Blend
Blend baby blend

Step four: Add whipped cream for extra yum.


Perfection! Do you have any coffee hacks? Let me know in the comments!

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