SUMMER HACKS: How to Stay Cool (Unofficial Guide)

1. Stay at Work Longer to enjoy the air conditioning. (Who cares if you don’t get overtime!)

puppy ac

2. Stay on the subway for a few extra stops. Even if your train smells like a homeless person’s personal effects, you will be dry.


3. Only visit your friends who have air conditioning –others can wait until the Winter. Who needs non-air conditioned friends anyway.


4. Buy a kiddie pool and lay in it on the weekends.

wolverine pool

5. Constantly pour water on your head. (The perfect temperature is ‘garden hose’!)


6. Sleep naked.


7. When people ask why you’re so sweaty just say you just finished working out.


8. Go outside and stand in the shade. It’s cooler than being in your stifling room.


9. Only go out at night when it’s dark and people can’t see you sweat.


10. Wear thin fabrics and see-through garments so you’ll be extra sexy when the sweat seeps through your clothes.

chris hemsworth

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