Sticky Popcorn!

Hello again! I haven’t done a food post in a while and I wanted to do a trip down memory lane! My mom would make sticky popcorn for the family on special occasions (I distinctly remember New Year’s Eve) and I have been craving it since we made some last Christmas. The basic concept is melted marshmallows on top of popcorn, genius right? It’s like rice crispies but with popcorn.

Our basic ingredients:

  • one bag of mini-marshmallows
  • butter (3-4 tbsp)
  • a bag of popcorn (already made). We used buttered popcorn, but plain works well too.
  • large bowl
  • medium-sized pot

IMG_0910 IMG_0911IMG_0912


  1. Pop the popcorn and empty into a large bowl.
  2. In the medium-sized pot, melt butter so it coats everywhere.
  3. On low heat, pour the entire bag of marshmallows into the pot and continuously stir until completely melted. It’s important to continuously stir so the sugar does not burn.
  4. Pour melted marshmallows into the bowl of popcorn, mix until completely coated.
  5. Enjoy!
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3a
Step 3b
Step 4
Step 5

So simple! Let me know how your sticky popcorn turned out in the comments! And check out this Easter themed edition I recently saw on Pinterest using peeps!

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