Addressing Sexism in Writing and Publishing

To add more to the Publishing side of the discussion, my job is all about paperwork and finding paper trails. One day I asked an operations person about a paper trail they may have chased some years ago, but “Unfortunately, it was all part of a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ and we moved ahead without the paperwork.” First of all, this is very annoying news to hear as the aforementioned paper chaser, but more so, the fact that some gentleman’s agreement was made and that was OK WITH EVERYONE. Give me a break. Shaking hands on a deal sounds like something out of the Wild West. And clearly no one thought to say “hmm, maybe we should keep some record for the future.” And not to mention, the phrase “gentleman’s agreement” is such a frustrating legacy term that I hope dies soon. I will continue pushing/chasing papers and I will damn well keep a record of it.

Around the World in 80 Books

Recently, Andrew Smith, a YA writer and author of The Grasshopper Jungle and The Alex Crow, did an interview with VICE which he made some controversial comments:

I was raised in a family with four boys, and I absolutely did not know anything about girls at all. I have a daughter now; she’s 17. When she was born, that was the first girl I ever had in my life. I consider myself completely ignorant to all things woman and female. I’m trying to be better though.

I cannot speak to his books directly because I have not read them. This isn’t about his books–though others have criticized those as well, specifically, the lack of dynamic female women in his books.

The way he phrases how he thinks of women is very troubling. Notice how he doesn’t mention the woman who birthed his daughter? And how, even though his daughter is 17, he…

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