REVIEW: The Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith

I love everything about this book!

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The perfect blend of American History and fantasy is the best way I can describe The Last American Vampire, which tells the story of the life and times of Henry Sturges, Abraham Lincoln’s closest vampire friend. He’s not someone you would know from the history books, but he has played a role in many defining American moments: Roanoke colony, the American Civil War, and WWII among others.

The Last American Vampire is the sequel to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. [Spoiler Alert] At the end of ALVH, it is hinted that “some people are too good to die.” This is the part of the story that begins LAV. Henry, overcome with grief at the loss of his friend, turns him into a vampire, of which Abraham immediately rejects himself and throws himself out of a window (a bit abrupt). Henry presumes him dead, and is soon called to New York on…

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