Waffle Maker Cinnamon Rolls!

My family has a Christmas tradition where we always have cinnamon rolls after we open our presents. This year, my mom mentioned that she saw a Pin for waffle maker cinnamon rolls and we decided to go for it. This recipe follows the directions from LittleBitFunky.com. Yum!

Here’s the set up: Mom’s Belgian Waffle Maker and cinnamon rolls out of the can (we used two cans).

Make sure to spray both sides of the waffle maker with cooking spray to prevent the rolls from sticking! Do this before you place the rolls on every time.  Place three rolls in the center of the waffle maker. Don’t want them spilling over the sides.
When the waffle maker gives the signal, pop those babies off on a new plate and add icing!

The cinnamon rolls still break apart so there shouldn’t be any trouble to eat them! Repeat for all the rolls! Enjoy!

What non-traditional food have you made in a waffle maker? Let me know in the comments! #carbtastic

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