In Defense of Single Women



This image was shared by a friend on Facebook, originally posted on a Radio Station Facebook Fan Page. I HATE this meme for so many reasons. And I know that I’m “taking it too seriously,” but I don’t care.

The writer of this meme has forced me to speak out in defense of myself and other single women. If I were to say that I would rather get a cat than a date, that means that it would be easier to take care of a cat than deal with a man. A man, like the writer of this meme, who thinks “girls” are somehow so horrible to deal with that we would make a cat suffer (because that makes so much sense…).

1) I can’t get over how not-funny this is. There is no humor in it whatsoever. The language of “girls” means that the writer doesn’t even have enough respect for women to understand the difference.

2) A woman goes on dates, but is not in a stable relationship. The woman gets a cat rather than spend money on dates. Woman inflicts harm onto innocent cat. WHAT. The logic is completely stupid.

3) Condemning single women for having a pet rather than a man is not a helpful!

Apparently we all need to be partnered up. This is so ingrained in our societal expectations that it’s now shameful to want to live with a cat. The horror!!! My singleness is not the result of me being a horrible person. I would not abuse a cat as a way of taking out my frustrations on men because I’m not a psychopath.

I’m sorry, didn’t I just hypothetically adopt this nice, photo-shopped cat from a shelter? Aren’t I doing the world a favor? I see most men as annoying, giant man-children who think the world revolves around them. Why would I want to spend time with someone like that?

Cats are awesome and they would love me.

Fuck everyone else.


2 thoughts on “In Defense of Single Women

  1. I always hated that meme. I never thought it was funny. It degrades women and makes it seem as though women would be horrible pet owners. The ASPCA should speak out against this meme too!

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